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  • 雙日票只有一個QR code嗎?我要怎麼入場?
  • 雙日票都是用同一個QR code兌換入場手環嗎?
    是的,都是使用同一個QR code。 ※友善提醒,雙日票的QR code 每日僅限掃描一次進行入場,請務必保管好您的QRcode。 (例:5/13早上驗票完畢,當日若想再度掃描進行兌換就會失敗,須等到隔天才能使用同一個QR code掃描兌換5/14的入場)
  • VIP票的體驗,是一張票一次還是一人一次?
  • 我購票成功,但是沒有收到票券,我該如何處理?
    任何售票平台操作相關疑問,請聯絡 Oen 客服。 電話:(02) 2627-8830(每日 10:00-18:00)
  • I am one day short of turning 18, is there an accommodation?
    Those who are under the age of 18 after inspection are not allowed to enter the venue, regardless of whether the date of adulthood is close to the activity time, there is no accommodation.
  • I did not bring my ID, can I use another alternative?
    Please bring your "physical ID card". Remakes, photographs, photocopies... shall not be used as substitutes. A driver's license, health insurance card, valid passport, and residence permit can be used. (※Student ID card is not allowed) Certificates must match those of the person entering the venue, and non-personal credentials are not allowed.
  • Are there tickets available on site?
    Tickets are available on site and can be purchased at the ticket booth in front of the entrance of the conference. ※If a limited number of tickets (eg VIP tickets) are pre-sold online, they will not be sold on-site.
  • I am a disabled person, how can I buy a love ticket?
    For those who purchase love tickets, please bring your "Handbook of Physical and Mental Disabilities" to the ticket office to buy love tickets with the service staff. Accompanying persons should also line up to buy tickets. ※Compassion ticket purchase instructions: Nationals of the Republic of China who hold a physical and mental disability handbook, and one of their necessary accompanying companions, can purchase a compassion ticket.
  • Can I bring my pets in?
    In order to maintain the exhibition environment and the experience of visitors, pets are not allowed in this exhibition, please cooperate. Mammals, fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects... are all petsIf you bring the above-mentioned pets, the staff of the organizer has the right to prohibit entry and drive away.※If people with disabilities need to bring a guide dog to enter the venue, please write in advance to apply, guide dogs are not accepted Temporary entry
  • It is strictly forbidden to use any live broadcast software for live broadcast
    Except for the media and working performers recognized by the conference, it is strictly forbidden to use any live broadcast software for live broadcast. If the live broadcast is carried out, the staff of the organizer has the right to prohibit entry and expulsion.
  • It is forbidden to perform any performances or acts that cause noise in the event venue without the consent of this department
    Because of the size and congestion of the venue, performances (dancing, performance art, magic show, playing musical instruments), playing music, singing, etc. are not allowed except for stage performersIn case of the above-mentioned behaviors, the staff of the organizer has the right to warn and drive away.
  • It is forbidden to bring outside food, drinks, any kind of metal, glass, laser pointer, fireworks or any dangerous items in this exhibition
    Eating and drinking are prohibited in the venue, and any outside food and drinks are not allowed to be brought into the venue You can drink water in the venue and bring drinking water
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